Recall, Recall, Recall.

So many steampunk/sci-fi reboots. Let’s hope one or two actually do it right. Syndicate Wars – Chaos Engine – Homeworld – Shadowrun –    

E3 – Digested.

So E3 came and went and the new consoles showed their shiny new faces. Microsoft did their best to sound confident and enthusiastic despite coming across as being about as out of touch with its customers as its OS department has since the release of XP. Nintendo didn’t make a … Continue reading

Computex 2013 – Wha’ happen?

Before E3 takes all our attention with it’s teaser trailers and cut-scenes. I wanted to just share what I took from all the Computex coverage over the last week. The big launch at Computex was Intel’s 4th Generation “Core” processor (Haswell) and accompanying chipset (8 series) but the real story … Continue reading


Because it’s four times the number of pixels of 1080p (8M+ vs 2M+) and displays are starting to appear at something approaching sensible prices ( ~1500USD for a 50″ genuine Seiki!). Asus is supposed to reveal a 31.5″ 4K consumer display at Computex this week and I’m keen to see … Continue reading

Arma 2 – Re-upping a classic.

Even though Arma 3 is coming down the road the modders of Arma 2 are still churning out a ton of great content for users to enjoy. Just in the last couple of weeks a really exciting mod has reached 1.0 beta status – Cold War Rearmed2. This mod brings … Continue reading

Steam – Y u no work?

Two more reasons to hate Steam. 1. I didn’t fancy downloading 13GB of LA Noire when I knew a friend had it. So I leeched it and then when I click “Install” in Steam it tells me it’s going to “convert it to a more efficient format”. Sounds great but … Continue reading

Games from the Attic #1 – KOTOR.

This feature will look at games from around 10 years ago and newer (OpenGL/DX9) and see how good they can look with todays graphical bells and whistles. I’ll be applying as much of the Better Visuals guide stuff as I can. First up, Star Wars – Knights of the Old … Continue reading

Better Visuals Part 3 – The Royal Downsampler

Downsampling works by getting your monitor to resample a higher resolution image to fit the screen and a by-product of this is an anti-aliasing effect. For example, if your native resolution is 1080p you could tell your game to run at 1440p and then your monitor will do the 1440->1080 … Continue reading