Because it’s four times the number of pixels of 1080p (8M+ vs 2M+) and displays are starting to appear at something approaching sensible prices ( ~1500USD for a 50″ genuine Seiki!).


Asus is supposed to reveal a 31.5″ 4K consumer display at Computex this week and I’m keen to see what price point they’re talking about. But as everyone knows, Asus is crazy.

The question your wallet is asking is will it make that much of a difference? Well a few things would have to come together to make it work for the early adopter. Due to the bandwidth requirements you’re most likely looking at a display port connection and only 30Hz refresh. The games would need to use really high resolution textures and high polycount models or it’ll look like minecraft. So to maintain a smooth 30fps at 3840×2160 while using high res textures and models you’re going to need some serious hardware. We’re talking a 500 quid graphics card for 25fps or 800+ for the solid 30. Ouch!

Still, these shifts in technology levels are always stupidly expensive at first so it’s not that surprising. All I know is that for my next upgrade i’m going to be thinking ahead to 4K and beyond in terms of graphics hardware and display.

Current 4K Gaming benchmarks @ PC Perspective
Seiki’s 50″ 4K TV @ Seiki Digital
Asus 31.5 incher @ Tech Power Up

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