Recall, Recall, Recall.


So many steampunk/sci-fi reboots. Let’s hope one or two actually do it right.

Syndicate Wars –

Chaos Engine –

Homeworld –

Shadowrun –



E3 – Digested.

So E3 came and went and the new consoles showed their shiny new faces. Microsoft did their best to sound confident and enthusiastic despite coming across as being about as out of touch with its customers as its OS department has since the release of XP.
Nintendo didn’t make a big noise but since it’s target market of the under-10s and out-of-shape female celebrities don’t usually flock to E3, this isn’t that surprising. Sony just showed up with it’s slightly cheaper PS4, it’s usual Killzone exclusive and let the media go to town on it’s rivals.

So what about the PC? Well there are still plenty of games coming but as you can imagine, to save costs, most are going to be ports of their console versions. If you really like the look of a currently console-only game you can always start an online petition. After looking at plenty of trailers I think Total War: Rome 2, The Witcher 3 and Arma 3 look like the best of the big-name PC titles coming this/next year.