Recall, Recall, Recall.


So many steampunk/sci-fi reboots. Let’s hope one or two actually do it right.

Syndicate Wars –

Chaos Engine –

Homeworld –

Shadowrun –



E3 – Digested.

So E3 came and went and the new consoles showed their shiny new faces. Microsoft did their best to sound confident and enthusiastic despite coming across as being about as out of touch with its customers as its OS department has since the release of XP.
Nintendo didn’t make a big noise but since it’s target market of the under-10s and out-of-shape female celebrities don’t usually flock to E3, this isn’t that surprising. Sony just showed up with it’s slightly cheaper PS4, it’s usual Killzone exclusive and let the media go to town on it’s rivals.

So what about the PC? Well there are still plenty of games coming but as you can imagine, to save costs, most are going to be ports of their console versions. If you really like the look of a currently console-only game you can always start an online petition. After looking at plenty of trailers I think Total War: Rome 2, The Witcher 3 and Arma 3 look like the best of the big-name PC titles coming this/next year.



Because it’s four times the number of pixels of 1080p (8M+ vs 2M+) and displays are starting to appear at something approaching sensible prices ( ~1500USD for a 50″ genuine Seiki!).


Asus is supposed to reveal a 31.5″ 4K consumer display at Computex this week and I’m keen to see what price point they’re talking about. But as everyone knows, Asus is crazy.

The question your wallet is asking is will it make that much of a difference? Well a few things would have to come together to make it work for the early adopter. Due to the bandwidth requirements you’re most likely looking at a display port connection and only 30Hz refresh. The games would need to use really high resolution textures and high polycount models or it’ll look like minecraft. So to maintain a smooth 30fps at 3840×2160 while using high res textures and models you’re going to need some serious hardware. We’re talking a 500 quid graphics card for 25fps or 800+ for the solid 30. Ouch!

Still, these shifts in technology levels are always stupidly expensive at first so it’s not that surprising. All I know is that for my next upgrade i’m going to be thinking ahead to 4K and beyond in terms of graphics hardware and display.

Current 4K Gaming benchmarks @ PC Perspective
Seiki’s 50″ 4K TV @ Seiki Digital
Asus 31.5 incher @ Tech Power Up

Arma 2 – Re-upping a classic.


Even though Arma 3 is coming down the road the modders of Arma 2 are still churning out a ton of great content for users to enjoy.

Just in the last couple of weeks a really exciting mod has reached 1.0 beta status – Cold War Rearmed2. This mod brings all the islands, units and missions from Flashpoint into Arma2, so that includes Lost Squad and Desert Ambush!

Click the thumbs for bigger versions.

Steam – Y u no work?


Two more reasons to hate Steam.

1. I didn’t fancy downloading 13GB of LA Noire when I knew a friend had it. So I leeched it and then when I click “Install” in Steam it tells me it’s going to “convert it to a more efficient format”. Sounds great but what Steam really meant is – “I’m going to just delete all those old files and redownload completely new ones without consulting you”. 13GB! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!

2. I bought a shiny new 2TB hard disk to dump Steam and all my other games onto. I did a quick search for the best way to move Steam which involved deleting everything in the Steam folder except the Steam.exe and the Steamapps folder. Unfortunately these guides forgot to mention that some Steam games (in my case Dishonored and Deus Ex: Human Revolution) store their saved games in the userdata folder and not in My Documents or My Saved Games or somewhere sensible. BAM! All progress wiped.

Here‘s a site with a list of savegame locations in case you hit a problem like this.